Benjamin Grossman Signs With Sweatshoppe Publications

ben_ grossmanBenjamin Grossman earned an MFA in Creating Writing from Rosemont College and his Bachelor’s Degree in English from Saint Joseph’s University alongside of a minor in Philosophy and a concentration in Theology.  His flash fiction pieces and poems are published or forthcoming in the Eunoia Review, The Rusty Nail, The Camel Saloon, and Apiary. Also, he has written for and blogs about the crumbling existence of taboo at In addition, he served as a reader for Matter Press, a literary journal for compressed forms of writing. He currently works as a Professional Tutor in English, Writing, and Religious Studies at Rosemont College and lives just outside of Philadelphia with his future wife Laura.

His novel, The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows, is forthcoming from Sweatshoppe Publications. The story is set in the Modern Middle Ages, the age after the ages of Earth, when humans inhabit a planet where, unbeknownst to them, the moons control every action. What remains of the Earth is confined to books. In fact, many have decided to live by the rules of those books once called fiction. But no fiction or reality rules over the Mystic. He rules by only two laws: obey his desires and obey your desires. His desires are twofold: virgins and immortality. However, the desires of his subjects are as wicked as ever known. But the Dagens, a family rooted in the old ways of society, cannot give into their desires. They cannot kill just to kill, hate just to hate, destroy just to destroy. Yet if society is to become what it once was, the Dagens must destroy freedom and place chains around those who no longer wish to be chained.


Justin W. Price Signs With Sweatshoppe Publications

photo credit: Becky Price

photo credit: Becky Price

Justin W. Price is the managing editor for efiction horror magazine. His writing can be found in the Bellwether Review, efiction magazine, the Rusty Nail, The Crisis Chronicles, eFiction Humor and the Hellroaring Review as well as on Hubpages and his blog. He lives in a suburb of Portland, Oregon with his wife Andrea and their two dogs. He is an avid football and baseball fan, amateur theologian, film junky, cook, and the owner of a rabid sweet tooth. He is currently in school working towards his PhD. Follow him on Facebook ( and Twitter (@PDXJPrice).

His book of poetry, Digging to China, is forthcoming from Sweatshoppe Publications.

Robert S. King Signs With Sweatshoppe Publications

RobertSKingRobert S. King lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. His poems have appeared in hundreds of magazines, including California Quarterly, Chariton Review, Hollins Critic, Kenyon Review, Lullwater Review, Main Street Rag, Midwest Quarterly, Negative Capability, Southern Poetry Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, and Writers’ Forum. He has published three chapbooks (When Stars Fall Down as Snow, Garland Press 1976; Dream of the Electric Eel, Wolfsong Publications 1982; and The Traveller’s Tale, Whistle Press 1998). His full‐length collections are The Hunted River and The Gravedigger’s Roots, both from Shared Roads Press, 2009. Several of Robert’s poems have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Best of the Net award. He recently stepped down as Director of FutureCycle Press ( in order to devote more time to his own writing.

What About Sweatshoppe?

Sweatshoppe Publications has been privately publishing books since the mid 2000s. In February 2012, it undertook the publication of The Rusty Nail literary magazine, which has grown quickly since its first issue in March of that year.

Sweatshoppe Publications now is expanding to offers its publishing services to authors. Sweatshoppe intends to maintain the vision with which it began The Rusty Nail: to offer independent authors a place to showcase their work and make a go of it in day when the only options are bowing to big-time publishers or fighting as a lone voice among millions.

Sweatshoppe is not a vanity publisher. It undertakes all the expenses of publication. Yet, like a paid service, it endeavors to work hand-in-hand with its authors, offering custom covers, distribution, and more.